Silk shantung crossing stole made in Venice: Anatema

Shantung silk is a special type of simple fabric, characterized by a rough and uneven surface and a rough appearance. The original shantung fabric was previously woven with the double: double silk produced by two silkworms. Precious and expensive silk, today we find it in different shapes and mixed with other pieces. Shantung silk is used in the furniture industry and in the clothing sector, especially in the women’s sector.

Silk shantung cross Stole made in Venice: contact us

Silk shantung cross Stole made in Venice? The right answer is Anatema!

Contact us or visit our website for more information about our company and our products. We are a shop located in the heart of the city of Venice, exactly in the Frari area. Anatema is your elegant shop. You can find unique products. We want to offer our clients high quality and original products. Stoles, scarves, silk shawls, bucolic flower brooches and Murano glass bijoux, strictly Made in Italy.

Silk shantung cross stole made in Venice? Contact us for more information!

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